Denture Clinic

Here at Craigieburn Dental Gallery making dentures (or commonly known as false teeth) is one of the main procedures we do on a daily basis.

Complete Full Denture VS Partial Denture

Full dentures (or complete dentures) refer to dentures that is replacing all the teeth in a dental arch. This is done when patients have no teeth left in that arch. Full dentures are most commonly made in full acrylic.

Partial dentures refer to dentures that are only replacing some of the teeth in a dental arch. This is done when patients still have a few healthy teeth left. Partial dentures are most commonly made in cobalt chrome together with acrylic.

It is possible (in fact very common) that patient will have a full denture matching a partial denture. For example a full upper acrylic complete denture matching a lower partial cobalt chrome denture.



How Are Dentures Made?


Denture making usually take 4-6 appointment. In the first two appointments our dentist will take impressions (mould) of your teeth and gum to produce a working model. Our dentist will also take some record on how the patient’s upper and lower jaws bite together. We will then prepare a wax denture for try in during the third visit. At which time we will check the aesthetic and fit of the denture and made adjustment as needed. Usually on the fourth or fifth appointment patient will receive the new dentures.

What if I need to have some front teeth removed but I don’t want to go without teeth?

This is not an issue at all as this is the most common situation our dentists face on a daily basis! So what we do is we would make the denture first by removing the teeth that are to be extracted on the working model. Once the dentures are made we will fit it and extract the teeth at the same time. This way our patient will never need to go away without their front teeth.