What Does a Dental Check-up Entail?

A Comprehensive Dental Evaluation

This checks the health and condition of your teeth, gums, tongue and other soft tissues in your mouth. This is where we will assess if you need any additional treatment or if you need guidance on your at home hygiene.

An Oral Cancer Check

When we check the soft tissues in your mouth we are looking for any signs of potential oral cancers or lesions. It is important we check for these as we can detect oral cancer and other health issues early to provide you the best chance of an early treatment.

Dental Radiographs (when necessary)Check

At some appointments we may take x-rays and radiographs of your teeth and jaws to perform a comprehensive examination. These allow us to check for any potential damage inside or between teeth that is not visible in an external examination. This also allows us to check the health of the tooth roots and jaw bone.

A Thorough Dental Scale and Clean
We will perform a dental scale and clean to remove any plaque or tartar build up off your teeth and ensure gum health. Once completed your teeth will feel clean and smooth.