Emergency Service

Our aim, at Craigieburn Dental Gallery is to NOT have patients requiring emergency treatment!

We believe that comprehensive treatment plans and preventative dental care can prevent much of the unnecessary pain and suffering associated with dental emergencies. This is the benchmark of a great dental practice and we are proud to have this philosophy.

We do, however, provide an emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (subject to availability of the dentist) should a patient require urgent dental attention outside of business hours.


Our vision for Craigieburn Dental Gallery, has always been to create an environment that is friendly, relaxing and inviting.

Many patients comment that they feel as though they have walked into somebody’s living room rather than a waiting room. We strive to eliminate the “dental smell” and have displayed beautiful paintings, instead of dental posters, around the practice.

We have a very strong focus on delivering the highest level of care and attention to all of our patients and make them feel as comfortable as possible.

The very positive feedback we are constantly receiving, suggests that we are, in fact, turning our vision into reality.


We Hear You

Here, at Craigieburn Dental Gallery, we take pride in our ability to build relationships with our patients.

We appreciate that each patient is unique and has had a multitude of previous experiences, possibly good, bad or even ugly. We take the time to listen and ask questions. We believe that happy patients are those who have been well understood and have made well informed decisions.

Technology and Infection Control

A premium level of dental care is only possible in the presence of the highest quality dental equipment, instruments and supplies.


We do not believe in cutting corners and invest much of our time and finances in sourcing the best. Our team, at Craigieburn Dental Gallery are very focused on maintaining the highest possible infection control standards, as set out by the Dental Practice Board of Victoria.