Root Canal Treatments

Root canal treatment

root_canal_treatmentWhen a tooth suffering from dental decay is not repaired in time, this decay spreads into the pulp.The pulp is the soft core inside the tooth. If the pulp dies, your tooth can become infected and very painful.If this happens, the tooth does not always need to be pulled out. We are able to save such a tooth by cleaning out the inside of the tooth and sealing it from further damage.
FAQs about root canal treatmentQ: I heard people say tooth that had root canal still ended up getting pull out.
A: Success rate of root canal treatment is very high. One of the most common reason we see root canal treated tooth ended up getting pulled is due to tooth fracture, and chance for this happening can be significantly lowered by protecting the tooth with a full crown. Most, but not all teeth that had a root canal treatment will benefit from a full crown. Our dentist will always advise you at the beginning if this is the case.Q: Is this expensive?
A: Treatment is generally less expensive comparing to treatment options such as implants or bridgesQ: Is my tooth worth getting a root canal?
A: This is something our dentist will always consider before advising a root canal treatment. But since everyone only get one set of permanent teeth, preserving tooth with a root canal treatment is always worth considering.

Q: Is it painful?
A: This is a procedure that is done under local anaesthetics and our dentists will always ensure tooth is numb before proceeding.