Wisdom Tooth Clinic


Craigieburn Dental Gallery has been removing all the difficult impacted wisdom teeth in Craigieburn and surrounding areas in the last 10 years.

We offer options of local anaesthetics and general anaesthetics in house at patient’s choice. There is no need for our patients to go to hospital or travel to the city.

Wisdom teeth are the last molar (third molar) that develop in the mouth. Usually by the time the wisdom teeth have developed and tried to erupt there would be insufficient room in the mouth. Therefore they usually got impacted and start to cause different symptoms.

Did you know that 7/10 people have at least one impacted wisdom tooth?

It’s much more common than you think!

Refined foods have become a major part of our diet. This means that we use our jaws less and less and they are becoming smaller with evolution.

However, most of us still end up with full set of 32 teeth…that is why we end up with some teeth that just don’t fit. These are called impactions.Wisdom teeth can be a major problem for people of all ages and especially common in those aged 18-25 yrs of age. Most common symptoms are: pain, swelling, infection and even bad breath.

Having your wisdom teeth examined early may prevent much unnecessary pain and suffering later.

Examination is quick and painless. If you do need to have the wisdom teeth removed, rest assured, there is always the option of going to sleep to have it done.



Below is a list of common symptoms impacted wisdom teeth cause when they are starting to become a problem.

  • Gum discomfort
    • Gum could start to become red and swollen. Pain is usually associated with it. Sometime pus is also visible underneath the swollen gum and could lead to a foul taste in the mouth
  • Jaw discomfort
    • Sometimes swelling would start to show around the jaw and patient may start to experience difficulty in opening his/her mouth
  • Bad breath
    • Bacteria that is trapped under the gum around the impacted wisdom teeth could cause bad breath




There are different ways the wisdom teeth could get impacted due to insufficient space in mouth. They could either be partially impacted or fully impacted. Partially impacted means part of the tooth is still visible in the mouth; fully impacted means the tooth could never break through the gum.

The impacted wisdom teeth could get impacted horizontally; at 45 degree; away from the tooth in front etc…

Below are examples of impacted wisdom teeth impacted at different angles that have been removed at our clinic.



Impacted wisdom teeth could also cause other problems in the mouth. The most common ones are:

  • Dental Caries
    • Not only the wisdom teeth themselves could develop a dental cavity. It could also cause food and bacteria trap on the tooth in front and the cause cavity. Subsequently the tooth in front could also be damaged.
  • Gum disease
    • the chronic inflammation of the gum would cause gum recession and therefore gum disease to the tooth in front.
  • Cyst
    • sometimes a fluid filled sac could form around the wisdom tooth and this could damage the jaw bone. In rare cases this could become a benign tumor.



Local Anaesthetics vs General Anaesthetics

It is not true that impacted wisdom teeth have to be removed under general anaesthetics. It is mainly a patient’s choice. Our dentists are competent in performing the treatment in either option. In the case general anaesthetic is preferred by patient, it would be performed by fully qualified anaesthetists in our clinic with state of the art equipment. They are the same anaesthetists who also work in operating theatre in private and public hospitals.



FAQs about wisdom teeth

Q: Do my wisdom teeth need to be removed?
A: Not all wisdom teeth need to be removed however if they are impacted, at risk of infection and decay or are already causing discomfort, removal may be a good idea.

Q: Is it painful?
A: Anaesthetics will be used and our dentist will always make sure the area is nice and numb before starting. We also routinely use plenty of numbing gels!

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Extractions cost vary depending on difficulty, however our dentist will always give you a precise quote during the consultation appointment. We also offer an interest free payment option.

Q: Am I too old to get wisdom teeth problem?
A: Never! The age that people get wisdom teeth problem do vary quite a lot, you cannot be too old nor too young to experience wisdom teeth problem.


*A surgical or invasive procedure carries risk. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.