Are Dentures the Only Option for Replacing Missing Teeth

Are you having problems with your dentures?

The good news is with advanced dental technology, dentures are not the only option for replacing missing teeth. Often people with dental problems or who wear dentures are afraid to smile and laugh. It may affects your daily function including eating and ability to taste. Socialising and talking can also become challenging.

All On 4 dental implants technology is a revolutionary and cost effective technique that allows for a realistic and full replacement of teeth and gums. The treatment involves placement of a full set of fixed teeth within 1-3 days on just four dental implants. The All On 4 technique bypasses the need for extensive bone grafting surgery such as sinus lift procedure that will take a much longer healing time and increased cost. procedure.

Benefits of All On 4 dental implants compared to dentures:

-A permanent, fixed solution. They are more functional and secure than regular removable dentures.
-Looks and feels like natural teeth.
-Fixed teeth in your mouth in as little as one day
-High long term success rate