When Removal of Wisdom Teeth is Recommended?

Wisdom teeth are rear (third) molars that form later than all other teeth. In some cases, wisdom teeth can cause severe discomfort to a patient or even alter their bite. When wisdom teeth problems occur, removal of those wisdom teeth is recommended.

The common symptoms of a wisdom tooth problem include:  wisdom_tooth_clinic

-Reddened, inflamed gum alongside the wisdom tooth
-Pus coming from the gum line
-The Lymph Glands under the jaw become enlarged and sore
-It may become difficult to open the mouth and to swallow

At Dental Gallery, our dentists have had extensive experience in removal of wisdom teeth. We have undergone specialised training in this area of dentistry to be able to deal with even the most difficult wisdom teeth removal. If pain and anxiety if your concern, we offer sedation/ sleep dentistry, where the procedure can be performed while you are “asleep” or sedated.